Published 16.12.2014

We are very wrongful in our spiritual world to humans, while they are acting in the world, because everywhere there is injustice. The injustice of all humans is due to that we are on a high level wrongfully developed entities. The wrongful entities have been made to do injustice, which again is due to that humans have always had high level needs to act in the world and in the spiritual world.

The entities of the spiritual world do injustice by using worldly matters while acting in the spiritual world. Such worldly matters are our bodies and different equipment, which humans have always had.

Our spiritual world has been constructed in such a way, that no one can’t do any wrongful without the permission of the spiritual world. All humans should know about our Creator, so that he could do matters as we want in the spiritual world. Injustice there is very much today as well in our world.

The injustices of all our entities have taken place guided by the spiritual world, when from any injustice there isn’t more harm than benefit gained from it. In our completeness there isn’t harmful injustice even existing, because all injustice takes place as punishment activity, when no one can do injustice from his own will.

The activity of all our entities is very wrongful, when all our entities function well without injustice. The functions of all our entities are wrongful, when entities can become cursed in the systems of the Creator, but the system itself places all events to take place in accordance with its intentions, which is the Creator’s system.

No one knows about the materials as much as the Creator’s systems. In the Creator’s systems there is free activity very little, because everything has been made so that acting without injustice is impossible. While acting without injustice everyone is so wrongful without exceptions. No one can so do matters without injustice.

The reason to the injustice of humans is such that no one can do matters without injustice, which include injustice. We can’t so take injustice away from our functions, because injustice is an existing matter, and injustice can’t be removed from the list of possibilities. We only have been able to develop measures to strive to decrease matters counted as injustice, while they are very troublesome for humans. In our universes there is all kinds of activity, so also matters counted as injustice do exist just like other matters.

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