Reason of conflicts I


Everywhere there were good humans to a lesser extent, from which dues conflicts between people. No one thinks in conflicts else than their own benefit and harms when necessary other humans, which have broken against this other human. The situations of conflicts are in great scale in the activity of the world, but in the spiritual world these conflicts are held as useless.

The situations of conflicts are different, like are the reasons that have driven people into those. To conflicts one strives to laugh in the spiritual world, from which dues it, that the great meaning of conflicts is to punish the parties of the conflict. In the world this same matter is called as rivalry, which depicts the meaning of the world to be for all a wrongful proving ground. All the activity of the parties of a conflict will be punished in the spiritual world.  

In your conflicts you are very insignificant from your humanity because the Devil guides conflicts, when the meaning of humanity has been shrunk on to the level of psychopathies, and this kind of humanity there is nothing to do with true humanity. Jesus as well is as forgotten in your conflicts, so his features do not come forth either during the results of conflicts from humans exercising this.

Reason of conflicts II

In your conflicts there were good matters only on the level of meaning, which often concerns the will to end conflict, which is the only right manner into ending conflicts on the level of willing of an endeavor of a human.

Conflicts have very great influences into our life as well on planet Earth. On our planet there are conflicts at times less than in the universe in general. This is due to that, conflicts are for all given birth in the same manner, so when some injustice has taken place, as a consequence from this becomes from this a conflict between the one who has done injustice and the one who has experienced injustice. So, conflicts are very great from their meaning for us to decrease injustice. Conflicts are frightening, from which dues that those are strived to decrease, but always one cannot prevent from a conflict, because injustice is when blooming a cause of the conflict. So, when injustice blooms a conflict cannot be prevented.

Our conflicts had good influences in our world, because so one gains the ones who have done less injustice to feel own superiority, because they themselves are less as a target of the ones who have caused conflicts. In our conflicts the ones who have experienced injustice and the ones who have done injustice are assessing each other, which one is better than the other in combat activity, which causes grudges from the part of the ones suffering from that activity.

Reason of conflicts III

With your conflicts you are very wrongful for your humans, because this is activity caused by the spiritual world, you cannot do anything more peculiar than kill each other in a conflict situation both physically and spiritually. Conflict situations come often as a surprise to the answering party itself as well, because this forcible need to attack against the weaker party of the conflict, is a need caused by the spiritual world and its executing is started by the spiritual world, and humans cannot know what the spiritual word has in its plans for them.

Governing conflicts is more important than you can even imagine because conflicts should be ended by others, so that from those wouldn’t become chaotical conflicts getting out from hands. Because your conflicts have very great scale influences, is the spiritual world able to end conflict situations also in beforementioned ways. So, conflicts end by others. Into the events themselves the spiritual world cannot intervene even on the level of occultists because the spiritual world is functioning with free will in relation to the humans of the world. The spiritual world is not so able to directly influence into the flow of conflicts more remarkably, but it allows matters to advance on their own, from which the spiritual world does conclusions for later time, that is the following conflict on the side of the more righteous or of the wrongful.

Conflicts are very great from their proportions, and visual trace from the activity of the spiritual world one does not gain forward. But all is in the end in the guidance of the spiritual world, from which dues that you are all under punishment due to a conflict collectively, which is the collective of your planet. The spiritual world is able to punish the complete planet from foolish conflicts, if such get out from hands and take place without the influence of reason can the developed societies meet an end due to such.

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