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Q: Who or what are you?
A: I’m this kind of an entity, which has very wise functions. I’m male.
Q: What kinds of are the wise functions in your opinion?
A: Such, that everything is rotated better than one could even imagine.
Q: How have your functions developed to become like this?
A: All my functions have developed to become like this with very demanding activity, from which nothing is talked about in a light connection like this.

Q: From what have you come to be?
A: I’ve come to be during this world, so it is a very long time from it although. I’ve come to be from all our entities.
Q: How is it possible that you have been created from all our entities and why have you been created like this?
A: The entities of the spiritual world can be created from anything. I have been created like that, because I’m so necessary entity to everyone.
Q: How are you necessary as this kind of entity?
A: I’m necessary, because everyone should be good to humans, and I don’t want anyone to be bad although.

Q: How old are you?
A: I’m fifty years old physically.
Q: And how old are you from your spirit entity?
A: From my spirit entity, I’m so old, that no one has lived for so long, except corresponding entities, which there are very few when compared to the number of all.

Q: How is it like to live in Heaven?
A: In Heaven, one lives like on planet Earth, but everything is a bit different.
Q: How is it different in Heaven?
A: In Heaven, it is different in such a way, that everywhere there is nicer folk.
Q: Where does this originate?
A: This is due to that everywhere there is so much everything, which the Creator has created here.
Q: How does the Creator create things into Heaven?
A: Into Heaven one creates things only by wanting.

Q: Have you lived on planet Earth at some time?
A: I have of course.
Q: Where and when have you lived on planet Earth?
A: I’ve lived during many ages on planet Earth, in very many places as well.
Q: What did you do while being on planet Earth?
A: I was there sometime very short time ago as well, as being some kind of a king as well.

Q: What is your outlook like?
A: I’m this kind of bug man with golden colored hair.
Q: How is a bug man like?
A: A bug man is from its body structure very bug like, I resemble although a human as a whole.
Q: What kind of is the bug like body structure more precisely?
A: The bug like body structure is such, that everything is more solid like on the level of the spiritual world, when the body becomes more bug like.

Q: Why does Heaven exist?
A: Heaven is a dimension of the spiritual world, which has been made for different kinds of humans as a place of refuge after death.
Q: What kind of people lives in Heaven and why do you call it a place of refuge?
A: In Heaven lives good entities, but not holier. Heaven is as a place of refuge for good entities, because other areas are worse than it, when they are fleeing from these other areas.

Q: Do you influence into the matters of planet Earth in some way?
A: I don’t influence at all but otherwise.
Q: How do you influence into the matters of planet Earth?
A: I influence in a very advancing way with the help from religions.
Q: What kind of meaning does religion have for you?
A: Religions function on planet Earth very roughly; we in Heaven want the religions to function more fluently.
Q: How is this more fluently functioning religiosity like?
A: Religions aren’t very wrongful once they’ve been founded, but their rough functioning is very wrongful activity in the opinion of the Heaven’s entities.
Q: What is such a rough functioning in our religions?
A: All the ambiguities when talking about entities of the spiritual world.

Q: What is your idea from the Creator like?
A: My idea from the Creator is such a matter, that I don’t know.
Q: Can you tell a reason for that, why you don’t know?
A: The reason is such that the Creator is for me a slightly more important matter than you can even imagine.

Q: Why are Heaven and Hell so different?
A: Heaven is for so much different people, but Hell is greater from its scale. One can live ordinary life also in Hell.
Q: Why is Heaven for so much different people?
A: Because Heaven is repairing for such, who are less wrongful than others.

Q: What kinds of entities live in Heaven?
A: In Heaven live such entities, that you won’t even believe it.
Q: What is so unbelievable in them?
A: They have so good features of an entity.
Q: How are these good features like?
A: Good features are features accepted by everyone.

Q: Have you ever lived in Hell?
A: I haven’t lived in Hell but otherwise.
Q: Why aren’t you living in Hell nowadays?
A: I’m more heavenly in modern times.
Q: For what reason did you live in Hell?
A: I lived in Hell while being less heavenly.
Q: Do Heaven and Hell differ from each other a lot?
A: They don’t, humans are only different in them.

Q: What kind of are your thoughts on different religions?
A: Different religions are for very different humans, this is my personal opinion.
Q: Are you religious?
A: In Heaven, there isn’t religion as much as on planet Earth.
Q: What kind of religion is there in Heaven?
A: In Heaven, one is in every religion which there is in the world, because Heaven is a bit of a dimensional function.

Q: Have you had activity with some of the entities of outer space?
A: Yes there has been a lot in our earlier times, there has been also in our modern times something.
Q: What kind of has this activity of yours been with them?
A: I have acted as their helper by helping them from the spiritual world.
Q: What kind of activity have you had in modern times with them?
A: In modern times I’ve acted with them by far due to helping of planet Earth.

Q: How do the angels differ from the demons?
A: Angels differ from demons so; that angels are spirit entities created in a different way, otherwise their difference is very small.
Q: Are angels and demons somehow opposing each other?
A: Not at all, such has been spread to misguide the inhabitants of the world.

Q: Who has created everything originally?
A: It has been created by the Creator.
Q: What can you tell about this entity?
A: I don’t know it even myself.

Q: When everything has been created originally?
A: I don’t know what to say myself either.
Q: Does someone know of this possibly?
A: One doesn’t know about it at all.

Q: What kinds of entities live in Heaven?
A: In Heaven live very wrongful humans and animals as well.
Q: How do they differ from the inhabitants of the world?
A: They differ so that all are very wrongful to the inhabitants of the world.
Q: Why are they wrongful like so?
A: They only are so bad to humans, who aren’t with them.
Q: Is there a disadvantage from them to the humans of the world while acting so?
A: Possibly although.

Q: Does the activity of Heaven have influence on planet Earth?
A: It does.
Q: In what kind of way does this influencing take place?
A: Influencing takes place in such way, that everywhere there are Heaven’s entities as inhabitants also on our planet Earth.
Q: Does Heaven influence in other way on planet Earth?
A: Heaven influences on planet Earth very wrongfully as well with the help from the Creator’s systems.
Q: Is there some kind of harm to planet Earth from the activity of Heaven?
A: On to planet Earth one causes curses from Heaven, like is the matter with other dimensions as well.

Q: What kind of is your idea of righteousness?
A: My idea of righteousness is terribly good.
Q: What do you mean more accurately?
A: The idea of the injustice of entities is often worse than what my own idea is.
Q: Does righteousness exist according to you?
A: Perfect righteousness doesn’t exist.

Q: Can you influence into the matters of the humans of planet Earth?
A: I can by channeling them information about my matters.
Q: How does this information influence into the matters of the humans of planet Earth?
A: Information is usually very wrongful information, which I inform to humans.
Q: How do the inhabitants of planet Earth receive the information?
A: They receive the information without me knowing from it, I so don’t know this matter, because it is protected activity.

Q: What language does one speak in Heaven?
A: In Heaven, one speaks a language, which isn’t permitted to reveal.
Q: Why is this concealed?
A: Because the spiritual world isn’t allowed to reveal information on the level of the physical world, so that matters would remain the same.

Q: How can a human enter Heaven, when he wills so?
A: Into Heaven can a good person enter, who didn’t have a bad meaning for other entities, except to his personal enemies.
Q: Why is this kind of bad meaning allowed in this matter?
A: The personal enemies deserve it.
Q: What does the human of the world have to do to be good, so that he would be suitable for Heaven?
A: For one to be good so that one would be suitable for Heaven is such who has all matters orthodoxly enchanted for the access to Heaven.

Q: What do you know of the future times of planet Earth?
A: The future times of planet Earth are very miraculous according to our information. Sometime you as well will bump into other humans, who can be slightly hostile as well.
Q: Who do you mean with these other people?
A: I mean humans of outer space, which there are also in Heaven.
Q: How do you think the activity of outer space influences into the matters of planet Earth?
A: The activity of outer space is a very dangerous matter to tell you about.
Q: What does this mean more accurately?
A: It means a threat also to you.
Q: How is this threat like?
A: This threat is such that I as well regret some matters, which I’ve done to your planet Earth, because everything might end later for the humans of planet Earth, into the destruction of nature, especially.

Q: Are there angels in Heaven, which help humans?
A: There are from what I’ve heard.
Q: In which way do they help humans?
A: They help humans only by helping them in their problems on the level of the spiritual world.
Q: How does the spiritual world function in this?
A: The spiritual world functions very wrongfully, but still by advancing your matters while you are working hard in the world.

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