Problem VI: Solving problems that are in accordance with church 


Solution from the spiritual world: 

For all problems there is a solution to be found, when there are talented enough entities developing these. From nowhere you know about solving the problems of church either, although they guide this planet as vey concealed, but completely legally. Nowhere there aren’t many known religious figures, but on the other hand all are saved in your writings. Although some authorities you have still, which you believe in a family manner. Such are very closeness increasing, but problems one shouldn’t solve like this only. Because your church is a very independent establishment, one has to in addition to handle much matters, which your church doesn’t handle, but allows them to be as mentioning. The problem solution ability of the church is very great, but not all covering. So, there will come very great upheavals handled only by church, which is very restricting. You know us as well in your spiritual world, but you aren’t able to function well, if you aren’t able to develop own problem solving talent, but you believe only in the stance of authorities in problems, which concern you as well. So, you could take own stance into surrounding universe, so that you could as accepted by the spiritual world act as authorities of your own life. 

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