Problem V: Getting along without the spiritual world 


Solution from the spiritual world: 

All should live in accordance with the spiritual world, so that they would avoid from cursing their soul while being in the world. Although others are completely soulless, so their soul is elsewhere than in the body, although in-between the soul and the body there is then as well a connection through channeling, the soul isn’t let to use its body. So, one has created an empty vessel, which doesn’t know how to think other matters than worldly matters, which one can physically learn and study. Such a situation is very common, it is spoken of as fallen state, so not any Creator’s system either doesn’t get along without the Creator’s permission. 

The life of a soulless human is as Hell, because a soulless human lives usually with the help of its soul in the dimension of Hell. So as soulless there comes lots of problems physically and spiritually. All the features of such a soulless human have shut down in the mind’s function, and upliftment there doesn’t come else than by sacrificing thoughts and entities. This is a very paganistic state of being. 

All the problems of a soulless human are for the Creator insignificant, and he doesn’t help such an entity, but allows the system to accomplish functions it sees as the best for such a falling due to injustice. Into the life of a human belongs also injustice, but when it’s over straining while the entity is harmful to the environment while driving his own advantage mostly, the soul has to fall away from the body of a human,  and so the entity gains punishments already while the body lives in the world.  

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