Problem IV: Different kinds of power structure changes for humans 


Solution from the spiritual world: 

Humans have at times will to organize power structure to another than in which ever state they happen to be now. So one shouldn’t act by everyone, because unprofessional changes create only chaos for humans, and one hasn’t so achieved better order for all, which brings more stable benefit in your systems. Not any demonstrations the spiritual doesn’t accept either, but everything should be received humbly, and at times revolutions are obligatory, but much rarely than was even imagined. This displease of humans is experienced as sacred in modern times, although it is also possible to take place due to brainwashing, when nothing more revolutionary one doesn’t accomplish, but one only causes problems both for oneself and others. 

From nowhere you will find better systems, than by experiencing based on earlier, in which system you’d have better living there on your planet Earth. No one believes this, but the spiritual world functions in the most miserable system when compared with the systems of humans, which is sacrificial system. This is possible, because the spiritual world can create always new in place of old, and one doesn’t have to care about anything destroyed, because it is only temporary. 

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