Problem II: The activity of the spiritual world, when there isn’t knowledge of it physically for a human 


Solution from the spiritual world: 

Humans should know about the activity of the spiritual world such a matter, that not any function of the physical world is permanent but as fully changeable during a long period of time by the spiritual world into other with magic. This takes place also visually, but no one is sure that has this kind of change taken place in a right way or would it have been taken place as changed by the spiritual world. So, you’ll discover only your chores of the world, which you have yourselves done, but all the makings of others might be achieved by the modifying work of the spiritual world. Such are very meaningful matters taking place with the magic of the spiritual world. Where the spiritual world functions it is very meaningful to know oneself and to sense the events of the spiritual world in oneself as well. Everyone so lives in one’s own dimension, which can be different in relation to other dimensions, because everything has been created in a hologram like manner to achieve experiences of humans. 

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