Problem 9.: The activity of all humans on this day 


Solution from the spiritual world: 

As a problem on these days are occultic curses, which are very catastrophical for all humans, because the occultists should understand more about the spiritual world than as irritated take notice the activity of the spiritual world. Irritation is due to arrogance towards the spiritual world, which is also an accomplishment of science, where occultists have taken for real the occultic science information fooled by the spiritual world. The all accomplishing activity of the occultists compares well the concept of the humans of modern times about the world, where there is slightly different system than what humans have accomplished with the help from science as well. For occultists came problems from our all covering system as well. You can’t know about your spiritual world except only a little on this day, although we are with on each day in your chores. But no one can even imagine the wideness of the activity of the spiritual world, because it is a so far taken system, which is with in every activity of life of yours. The spiritual world is able to create matters without you noticing, you think those only are fully constant matters of the world, but creation and removal is more commonplace than you can even imagine.  


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