Problem 8: Solving the state of change of all matters 


Solution from the spiritual world: 

One finds solutions for each situation. But high-level solution into a problem situation is a solution accepted by the spiritual world. Then one notices all the other humans’ needs and also emotions, so that nowhere one would experience inequality. The high-level use of state of readiness is very meaningful for humans, but for the spiritual world it is a very ordinary situation, because the spiritual world functions in state of readiness continually and is prepared for measures right when something different is taking place. Into these measures belongs also removing of humans from the world and securing matters with the army. From nowhere you had known other humans to live in state of readiness already from the beginning, because they are constantly worried about the present-day situation and aren’t willing to do any activity against the state of readiness.  

All changes are solved the best along with time, when all deviations have exited from influencing into your matters. So is a gentler atmosphere given birth, where one only awaits without panicking the upcoming better working society as well. Humans functioning in panic likeness are slightly tired out from their emotional states, and don’t buffer information unlike some. From nowhere you’ll find solutions in relation to the activity of the spiritual world, but you’ll gain help from the spiritual world to solve your problems as physical humans as well.   

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