Problem 12. The unawareness from the spiritual world in the life of a human


You have never accomplished by the illuminati more negative activity, but only you do all covering activity of the illuminati without being aware from this. The spiritual world shows to some also from the part of nation, when in your systems one has taken notice also the activity of the spiritual world. Not very many know from this, but the spiritual world is in your government systems one party to take notice of. While understanding this kind of matter, you will notice how daily matter the spiritual world is. Never you can do any higher activity than your daily activity there in your world. Because all systems are in accordance with the systems spiritual world, you cannot execute any more remarkable activity than into which the spiritual world has given permissions. Because you are slightly more incomplete than occultists from your consciousness, you do not know, that the spiritual world is the main activity of the occultists also in our systems of the world. Occultists again are in our systems of the world as all covering within the activity verily everyday as well.

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