Date: 17.12.2013

In our future one did lots of injustice on our planet Earth. With the help from technologies, the most wrongful entities had to do injustice, because the materials need variation. Our technologies are very wrongful matters. The functions of all the materials are very terrible to watch with the eyes of the Creator, like also with the eyes of other humans.

The future of all our technologies seems like such, that the Creator will shoot all the inhabitants of planet Earth with the punishment of the Creator. Our entities of outer space do such work. The functions of all our entities of outer space are technologically more developed than on planet Earth. Our technologies will come true later so, that everywhere there will be functions in accordance with the systems of the Creator, when our technologies have a very wrongful functioning.

No one on our planet Earth knows the future, when the entities of planet Earth are under a very great threat. Leaving the future unknown is like a curse from earlier times in our future. We aren’t acting very wisely in our systems of planet Earth, because we are messing our planet in a very difficult manner. Then our future can be very unfortunate, because nature can’t be replaced with technologies.

Our technologies of the future function so, that everywhere there will be armed forces in very large scale. In our future, we are much endangered due to our technologies. Because relieving technologies are very wrongful for the cursed humans, in the opinion of enemies. Our enemies in the outer space have thought about the access onto planet Earth, when the relieving technologies are enabling access onto planet Earth for the entities of outer space. This is due to our cursedness, when the humans of planet Earth should live a more difficult life, than what they are living, so that the entities of outer space wouldn’t gain a permission from the spiritual world to come to punish the humans of planet Earth, who have done injustice.

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