Occultic writings III

With occultic writings there are good meanings in the spiritual world, but often the evil of a human himself twists this knowledge. Occultic humans are slightly mixed more, than while being in the activity of the world with clean knowledge.

Occultic knowledge is very different than researched scientific knowledge. You understand already perhaps by now, that the spiritual world knows all about the future and the past and also the scientific knowledge much further, that what the humans of planet Earth can even imagine. With occultic knowledge there are very great scales in the consciousness of humans, because the occultic thoughts please the minds of humans better than knowledge researched scientifically.

Occultic knowledge is very different than ever earlier have even been researched, because they include always new information, from which humans haven’t got information in the world, because the spiritual world doesn’t ever repeat information, if the information is already in the world, we will tell additional information, and not repeat the earlier, else than as a confirmation or ensuring, that the matter has been understood. We tell although also older information, but also all the most foolish information is occultic information.

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