Occultic world view I


Our occultists have as their world view the suppressing of all spiritual functions with side persons, after which the occultists study the spiritual world with the help of these side persons. This is very meaningful as an activity because the awareness of the occultists has reined these side person entities into a mush of side persons noticing everything, with the help from which one can study the spiritual world very much.

These side person entities are so tiny entities corresponding to souls, which inhabit the mind of a human. With the help from those, one can do much injustice as well, but most often from them there are more difficulties only to some of our humans. Ever you are not aware of the thoughts of the side persons, except by channeling them out from your mind. Such side persons can also leave out from the mind’s functions, from which ensues slightly problems on the level of the Creator, because a human receives punishments according to his own actions, whether this had been caused due to side person or own wrongful thought. This punishment becomes executed right away, when this soul does not have more to give to this wrongful thought and once this has been forgotten.

Occultists have good meanings more often if they are in accordance with all reason. Occultists do great scaled research work, where one strives to notice the matters of the spiritual world. Occultists have great scaled all covering attempts to accomplish all injustice in our world. From nowhere you will find any more peculiar knowledge of the spiritual world from the occultists, because the spiritual world is very wrongful in the activity of the occultists.

Occultic world view II

Your occultists had very wrongful activity during the world’s final judgment because they ordered the entities of the final judgment by accomplishing their all covering injustices.  The spiritual world had to intervene, so that no one survived from the final judgment of the spiritual world. All injustices are executed already by the spiritual world, and with injustices there is not meaning in the final phase of the final judgment. All entities of the spiritual world are very wrongful because all will become completely wrongful in an easier environment.

Occultic world view does good activity to all humans of the world, because the occultists acting in accordance with the spiritual world are spreading the spiritual world in our world, although this has been done often in accordance with demons, one can so create for all entities all kinds of activity, from which humans can learn to become more in accordance with the spiritual world. Demons as well laugh bitterly, because they have no bad activity for more just humans, but they have as a mission only to punish the ones who have done injustice and to tease them to be cautious of doing injustice.

Occultists have all covering plan the head of the world as expenditure, when occultists know something, from which there is harm to humans. For occultists there comes to awareness all what has been done and what is to come from the activity of the spiritual world. Ever you can not tolerate more peculiar matters, than all covering activity of ours in the spiritual world. The all covering activity of the occultists is clarifying for all your humans.

Occultic world view III

We are good for occultists because they seem to be very harmless. Although they have influence into our matters. Occultists will kill you as well if you will not give them peace. This peace is for more occultic seers very important, because then mind does not strain from all secondary, but the spiritual world shows then to the occultists better, and so he can act in accordance with all teachings.

The spiritual world is for the occultists more important than anything else in life. These occultists there are tremendously, and they are at times very high in the systems of the world as well. As their task is to be a master of all humans, so that they would function better.

In the awareness of all humans there is very often lacks in connection with the matters of the spiritual world. These lacks occultists strive to decrease, when others function with the help of occultists better than without their help. So, also acts the Creator, but for all situation there does not come help from the Creator when help is needed from our occultists.

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