Message from a dwarven king from the spiritual world III


In your wars you do much injustices, which you would not do yourselves with your own activities. So, you have been driven into this situation, from which there is no return without the causing of others. To accomplish peace, you have to accomplish my everywhere spreading system, in which my royalty is accomplished in accordance with the spiritual world for me to help everyone. So, you will not understand the humans’ frenzy to gain power and strength for themselves, with the help from which stones as well break by the strikes of a hammer. Nothing is stronger than this feeling, because we are important entities for everyone, and no one should be harmed, unless the one has aspirations to weaken the position of others, from which dues my all covering will for vengeance as well, because as an eternal dwarven king I know how to hold in my mind’s curls a certain list about the memory of the deceased, which I execute always in my lives to avenge and to punish wrongdoings emanating beginning from earlier times. This concerns the writer as well, because he has a certain tendency in relation to my matters, which can not be revealed before the spiritual world dawns for both. On the other hand, I experience this as useful activity, although it makes to curse to bump always into the same spirit entity, which has nothing to lose except entities like me.

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