Message from the Creator’s appliance from the spiritual world VI


You are good for your humans, on the other hand you are not able to make anyone’s matters better, unless the one to help has own will to heal his activity. This is due to that all are individuals and so you can not influence as very wide range into the matters of others without them willing it. All is so made individually, and mediocrity is not done in any way possible. But always there must be all noticing individual thinking as well with in activity, so that matters would succeed.

From nowhere you have not found all covering injustice either, but you act wholly more justly than other inhabitants of the universe. So, you are very much as a target of interest for the civilizations of the outer space. This leads into very wide scale technological development, as long as you have first gained information from the activity of the inhabitants of the outer space and have gained a possibility into creating a connection to these inhabitants of heaven.

You are for your beggars good as well in modern times, but you shrinking process is very wide scale in modern times.

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