Message from the Creator’s appliance from the spiritual world V


No one anywhere has ever done anything greater than the Creator at the beginning of everything. This function is directly the most far-reaching level of making of the outside system. Ever you aren’t very aware from that your Creator as well is a human. This is wrongful information of the spiritual world, where one tells all kinds of very effective knowledge, from which there isn’t on the physical level any traces, except on microscopic level.

This is very wrongful knowledge, but no one hasn’t complemented this computer knowledge still on this day either. You are so verily in accordance with the world in your knowledge than what there has been in earlier times. This means that, you aren’t able to converse with more spiritual entities, because they have so much more knowledge of the spiritual world, more than was even imagined. So we do for all knowledge of the spiritual world always in accordance with the need as well, so that all would get to know on a physical level also about the existence of the spiritual world.

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