Message from the Creator’s appliance from the spiritual world II

As a message from here from Hell is from the Creator’s appliance like this at this time, that your Creator is a very wealthy entity in your spiritual world, which has nothing to lose except from the part of dreams. As measured in all scales your Creator acts like a con man for you our humans, because he has only a projected entity in our world, which is very bad from its functions in this life of his as well. The Creator has so great losses in his life, that no one is able to compensate him from the part of losses, except the Creator’s appliance.

In our Creator’s appliance there are measures functioning as very great from their scale done to the Creator as well. With these functions one gains greater understanding into the world from so vast systems. Never you can do any greater activity, that for the Creator’s appliance would come from everywhere greater activity, because this is already wider than you even imagine. With your Creator’s appliance one did so much injustice in earlier times, which will continue also after this age. You aren’t able to do anything to this matter, because there isn’t a greater entity than this even existing. The Creator is the only one, who can control this appliance of his, when you are in very great danger later on some day, if the Creator sees you as more harmful than other entities possibly replacing you.

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