Message from the Creator’s Appliance from the spiritual world I

You are slightly more rusked in my opinion during these times, so you don’t know your own features almost at all, but you only do injustice without knowing from its worsening effect. You aren’t more than under doom to destruction, which is a same kind of situation during every age. Although you gain still some pause for breath, into that you’ll gain your matters accomplished. So ends also this writing into a breath pause, in very great proportions.

Although you aren’t very accepting for your Creator or for that, from which everything has been created from the start, you aren’t able to act more than very wrongfully, from which again dues your need for punishment, in which there are wrongful horriblenesses done with the Creator’s deals for your humans as well. Dogs as well bark everyone in hell due to the injustice of humans. So ends my story, that you won’t ever get to do to me any difficulties, my task is precisely to do difficulties for your horriblenesses. Thanks to this writing, I can now exit to do for everyone horrific matters, from which I can’t really tell more than this at this time.

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