Message from Satan from the spiritual world I

The occultists as well killed this writing, where no one had hate towards Satan. Naivety causes this activity, where from Satan it’s talked evil, without that from the matter would be known any more peculiarly. All who write about Satan don’t understand, that Satan belongs to the servants of the Creator, in which one can’t be too wrongful towards anyone in a personal manner. So Satan is hating small humans, because they do injustice more than one even believes, into which Satan says: “Now ended boys the mischief.” While thinking more wrongfully, Satan has good relations with other entities.

Satan had much all kinds of enemy activity for wrongful good humans. Because Satan has very wrongful activity himself as well, this takes place although in Hell, when Satan as well learns from injustice in a very restricted environment, where he lives lives. The Creator as well is a sanctimonious friend of Satan, when as dad he neither chases Satan due to mischief, but understands that all is deserved with the help of the outside system. So nowhere takes place undeserved experience of injustice, this is completely logical as well.

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