Message from Jesus I


As a message from Jesus is the showing to the world’s humans, that how wrongful they are on this day. Into the properties of Jesus belongs the warning from injustice and so warning from the final judgment. Warning from the final judgment belongs so into the tasks of Jesus, which is slightly wrongfulness increasing. You can do injustice at times slightly too much, so that fools as well see injustice to blossom at times. Then when all ends you can’t do to the matter just before the final judgment anything.

All the measures of the final judgment do for everyone good in reformation manner, from which dues the necessity of the final judgment. Because from the final judgment wasn’t made markings into the book of life in accordance with earlier times, the final judgment became a slightly more secret situation, from which you don’t really know. About the final judgment have been written only in the manner of modern times it being as concealed. You are slightly more wrongful once you have concealed everything. You aren’t able to know about the secrets of the final judgment in any form, before the Creator tells from all of this in later times.

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