Message from Jesus from the spiritual world V

As a message from Jesus is such on this day, that you can never do greater upheavals with yourselves only, without using as equipment other than the spiritual world, than what Jesus has done in your history. Jesus is well in your spiritual world, and he hasn’t got very great will to come into the world but otherwise. In your world there is so much possibilities than in your areas of the spiritual world. Everyone in the spiritual world functioned with all covering injustice in relation to the world, when Jesus neither likes from the spiritual world as much as was imagined in your world.

The Creator as well knows Jesus’ meaning to be greater than he has thought originally. Jesus is a so old entity, that he doesn’t have anything alike the original Jesus after changing once he has died so many times spiritually. Although Jesus has according to the Creator accomplished so great matters also in accordance with the Creator, that from him have been created a creator entity as well, due to which Jesus has gained a spiritual pillar from this spirit entity he has created and from the helper of spirit that followed from it into Jesus’ functions.

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