Message from Jesus from the spiritual world IV

You are good for your humans on these days, this message from Jesus as well belongs into occult information. By living in accordance with Jesus you are very great from your meaning in the system of the spiritual world. In our system there is lots of wrongful activity, which can’t leave due to naivety. Due to naivety you are very good while acting in accordance with Jesus, that nowhere there wouldn’t take place greater upheavals more wrongfully than one even imagined. You are very ill at times, into which Jesus comes as a help always when the spiritual world accepts it. All entities of Jesus do lots of wrongful activity, but although they aren’t same class when compared with the injustice of wrongdoers.

Everywhere one was good for our humans, so you are very dangerous to yourselves, because by living in accordance with Jesus all dangers as well are to be removed from lives, which is very difficult. All difficulties as well are in the system of sanctity of Jesus to be won with right measures. So Jesus’ mind as well heals from the wrong activity of earlier times also from the part of Jesus.

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