Message from Jesus from the spiritual world 9.


While living in accordance with Jesus, you can gain very much good matters accomplished, which decreases your injustice and so increases possibilities, and heals the mind from wrongfulness. With these manners there is a benefit from Jesus to the souls of humans living in the world as well. All the entities of Jesus as well do injustice always at times, but Jesus strives for them as well into the least wrongful situation. The least wrongful entities in our church, do all kinds of injustice very much in every event of yours. You aren’t able to do any more peculiar injustice.

For all entities came very much punishments, in many ways. These needless punishments Jesus strives to gain decreased, because needless injustice is always harmful for all of us in our Heaven as well. So we can make from the world a better place for angels as well to come to live in the systems of planet Earth as well. The Heaven’s inhabitants will come sometime to live there, which is also the will of Jesus. Life in accordance with Jesus is very dangerous in modern times as well, because Jesus will do so much echelon changes into your systems, that you aren’t able to be peaceful towards Jesus.

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