Message from Jesus from the spiritual world 28.


Into your activity connects all covering thinking of injustice, from which you don’t know how to leave. Any Jesus’ activity one can not say to be wallowing in injustice, but true activity including activity supporting humans, without any surprises for others’ part. All pondering is much more capable by the spiritual world, and humans’ own thoughts do not often reach very far but break always into problems. While you are wallowing in problems, you think you are in true life’s situation, but this all is only an illusion, and you do no get forwards in your life while gathering problems around you. If everywhere one would be only in problems, no one would get any more reasonable thought done than how one would repeat the same problem by others as well. Finding solutions into problems is in the spiritual world easier than you can even imagine. So, problems solve by themselves when we only act in the right way and focus into essential matters and not into the next collision in the dark. Problems so should be moved aside and let the life’s experiences accumulate despite those in a positive manner. So, you will finally gain the acceptance of the spiritual world for your activity, from which one goes in the manner of a surfer into a skid.

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