Message from Jesus from the spiritual world 25.


From Jesus as well there came messages to guide the Creator as well. So, no one was noticed to be less harmful, but all were the same in value in harmfulness. This concerns Jesus as well. With this kind of thinking you are also in the eyes of the Creator the same in value, was this concerning whomever. Nothing is not more revealing than observing this from the activity of the Creator. He can not think even his own family as unequal than the worst rascal either. While thinking in accordance with Jesus, this holds good also from his part. Not even the most beautiful spouse candidate can not be for Jesus more valuable than bad egg teaser person. I have observed this as the most functioning thinking, from which one can not gain experience, else than by observing the activity of the creator entities. This is due to that the systems of the spiritual world do not estimate the superiority of humans in relation to each other, but all gain same value treatment more generally. So, you can estimate also in one’s own activity, that no one does in the end appreciate other humans, if into this one only strives to make protection for oneself.  

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