Message from Jesus from the spiritual world 13.


Into the activity of Jesus belongs decreasing of the doing of injustice coming to all by receiving everything by sacrificing oneself. Sacrificing oneself is for Jesus a pleasant experience, because he observes it to do good for all others, from which he gains himself additional power. Jesus’ all covering opposing of injustice is very wrongful, but although he is very much without injustice.

Freedom of religion is very wrongful to a lesser extent as well, so in modern times one is already on a quite right path into a cleaner spiritual experience, into which Jesus as well has to add. All wrongful functions are according to Jesus also evil, so plain playing without injustice is less wrongful than more badness like activity. So Jesus as well experiences badness as slightly more harmful than goodness, although technically these don’t have difference from the part of wrongfulness, which Jesus doesn’t again accept as truth. Rational contemplating of injustice is according to Jesus completely unholy, although the Creator exercises this.  

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