You are good for your humans during these times, but not in accordance with Beelzebub, because all in your Hell were very far reaching from their thoughts, because Beelzebub as well was in the spiritual world very aware from upcoming times, when Beelzebub as well understands all your matters there in your world as well. From Beelzebub one heard to come specially wrongful activity for your humans of the world, although you are according to Beelzebub winning also everywhere spreading flies in your injustice.

Because you are slightly more wrongful according to Beelzebub, we can’t give other than whip to your humans, due to which in Hell as well is all well for demons. Also punishments are always deserved, and you don’t get to hide from Beelzebub. You will end up into cans as well at times, because we do from you our food like you act in regard to your animals. Wasn’t this as well very wrongful to think about for your sophisticated eating habits.

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