Message from Beelzebub from the spiritual world III 


Message from Beelzebub from the spiritual world has been written as follows. Beelzebub accomplishes all covering activity in accordance with Beelzebub. Beelzebub builds his house while being here in the world, where it is good to accomplish oneself and socialize with others. Such is very common activity of the world. Although Beelzebub has the spiritual world as main role of his consciousness, where one murders all wrongful on some day. So, you will know the meanings of the spiritual world, that not any wrongfulness the spiritual world imagines as beneficial unlike in the world one tends to imagine. This loop thinking, that the injustice of the rich would be somehow beneficial for them, is in the system of the world possible to accomplish by deceiving the more right minded to imagine the injustices to be unpunishable. Beelzebub accomplishes paganistic activity coming to all, where one strives to be right minded in relation to demons. This is due to that, demons as well have an injustice decreasing system, when living in accordance with them you can experience good life. Believing into their lies isn’t although more comfortable than believing into the bluffing of angels either. 

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