Message from Beelzebub from the spiritual world II


Beelzebub is a very far reaching entity, into his tasks belongs also the observing of the Creator as well and the observing of all the mites, so that they won’t start to do more injustice than is agreed upon in our systems of the spiritual world. Never you won’t know, what Beelzebub has in the works, although you are aware of your demons, you don’t know the Creator’s deals either on the level of demons.

Demons have very great proportions for all covering wrongdoing in relation with humans. Beelzebub is a very wrongful entity, but not although fully corrupt. This means that his injustice has been done for development, and nothing is done with harmfulness in mind. Demons as well have very great proportions in relation with all kinds of system of the world. You aren’t friends of demons, because friendship is more harmful than is even imagined. So demons act as an opposite force for all the imagined goodness as well and for righteousness, which haven’t accomplished orthodoxly.

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