Message from an occultist from the spiritual world III

Occultists have very great proportions in all activity. The human mind is so vast when taken in use efficiently. You aren’t able to do any activity opposing the occultists, because nations as well support the matters of the occultists. Because occultists have very great proportions in all their activity, you aren’t able to oppose them as small humans either. Occultists have very great proportions in their activity. This is including very wrongful activity.

As activity was called in modern times writing on the Internet as well, from which earlier one would have gained a punishment on the level of a crime. Although from this one shouldn’t gain any more peculiar punishment usually according to the occultists. Because occultists have good plans as well for our humans, you aren’t able to do more right minded activity either for our occultists, while they do activity including good meanings also in accordance with Jesus. So occultists maintain balance spiritually and physically.

Into the activity on the level of the occultists belongs also wrongful activity. Occultists kill you as well, if you won’t give them peace, because occultists need more peacefulness unlike the lively larks need that peace. Occultists do very much matters daily, when you aren’t able to keep up on the level of their researches, but you’ll forcibly stay behind in their knowledge and abilities to act as an occultist, life being also so hectic as the occultists strive it to be.

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