Occultists as well laugh at you in the spiritual world, because no one has very great distress with them while being in the spiritual world. Such activity of the spiritual world is daily, when no one should have great love towards the spiritual world. The occultists know this love, where all is as accepted, except while acting in accordance with the spiritual world, you aren’t allowed to accept the injustice of the spiritual world on planet Earth on this day. Because all are in very great scale more wrongful than the occultists are physically on this day, you have to do slightly updates into your knowledge, so that you’d understand what the occultists understand from this world in our today as well.

So that you’d not be too rude to your occultists you should accept them as humans and not as stamped as occultists. Then they either wouldn’t gain a permission for wrongfulness from all your entities. The good deeds of everyone came to the knowledge of the occultists, when no one is without cover from the witchcraft of the occultists, where all had to take place without injustice in accordance with the spiritual world. This is slightly boasting with our occultists, but pride is the only stumbling block of an occultist, when others can state the occultist to have been changed from his path. Because no one gets anything done by the occultists, you can be very wrongful without the occultists, because the occultists imagine everything before they carry out anything, to gain the permissions of the spiritual world for their activity. You don’t so understand the permission of the spiritual world and the required activity in accordance with the spiritual world in your doings.

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