Message from an occultist of the spiritual world II


Occultist has an all covering experience of the spiritual world, from which one doesn’t gain information else than by asking for information from the spiritual world. Because the occultists have the all covering experience from the spiritual world, there will come for the occultists learning experiences in very great scale from the occultists of the spiritual world and the outer space. These we expect eagerly with our occultists, because this brings information more than was even imagined. Because the occultists have very great scales in becoming conscious of the wrongdoing, all will have to gain more knowledge from the occultists after these days, because everyone has a need for this information later on.

Because with your occultists there started a slightly better times already in these days while the religions were less in action, there will come for occultists more work tasks to explain difficult problems of the spiritual world. Everywhere one was in very great scale doing an all covering functional problem, when the occultists have to do countermeasures for these kinds of harmful plans. The occultists have done, in modern days as well, plans to repair all politics as well, when in modern day the occultists are building a new world order, from which no one else has other information than that it doesn’t compare this order, from which is being talked about in our world on these days. Into the world order of the occultists belongs the accepting of all the injustice, which again feels more wrongful than you even imagine. This kind of world order is although better than the religions’ wrongful accepting of the increasing of injustice for the enemy. So the occultists as well cross the religious world view easily.

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