Message from an occultist from the spiritual world V 


As a message would be such, never you aren’t knowing all in the opinion of the occultists, because as their meaning is to live as examples while living in the life of a human. All the functions of all the occultists are very meaningful in modern times, when priests are on the level of officials, and the occultists haven’t got a more spiritual meaning, but occultists fill the lacks in consciousness of humans, so that all would function more fully reasonably. Occultists are opposed by such humans; whose consciousness is on a higher level than the occultists’, but this activity is completely useless, because the occultists are listened by humans who are on a lower level from their consciousness, and from single ones who are on a higher level from their consciousness there isn’t such a benefit for others. Into the activity of the occultists connects much other activity as well, but here there were enough matters already. 

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