Message from a dwarven king from the spiritual world I


Like you have done in modern days, you have done in earlier times, was the answer to your question from a dwarven king. The dwarven king had good matters to tell on these days of yours. I’m very meaningful entity for your planet Earth, when I can do the creator’s deals always when I want to. So I don’t however act always, because I want holidays as well due to all the rush, which connects to the fulfillment of the Creator’s deals. So as a dwarven king I’m allowed to do a lot of matters meaningful to myself, from which you don’t know much at all, because I do much war activity in the character of a dwarven king, from which many don’t care on these days while war activity being less in meaning on planet Earth.

I have in your history acted also in human body and not like my name is as a dwarf, but during this world dwarves there aren’t except spiritually as equipped with a soul of a dwarf. Because all was done so wrongfully in modern times, I can’t act in your world very well while it being human oriented.

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