Working means very many things, which the Creator’s systems do for humans. All the meanings of working are in very great proportions, when not any work is without value. In this we are talking about modern work, and not from users of slaves. The meanings of work of everyone are very great. With work one can achieve also miracles, if the work has been orthodoxly enchanted. Such works are all the work on the level of states. Where in the previous matters we aren’t very wrongful but otherwise.

In our work we are wrongful to humans in the spiritual world, because work in the spiritual world is spiritual work, unlike in the world, where bodies do work. Physical works are so in the spiritual world less as active. All our thoughts of the works are very different, so everyone has a different view from the working on the level of the Creator.

In our works in the spiritual world one is very miraculously within life. The functions of all the works compare the Creator’s functions to a lesser extent, because works are earning money at times, which takes from the works their true meaning for our humans. The meaning of all the works is so only to achieve necessary matters with a system accepted by the spiritual world.

All the matters of working are very wrongful for many humans. When in our works we are very wrongful.

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