Date: 28.03.2013

Jesus was born sometime in earlier times, so that a very high level spirit entity could be gained, which would have always a good thought for humans. Good thought is given birth in the thought functions, which Jesus has as bewitched on a very high level. From his functions, Jesus was very wrongful towards others, but he still had this good thought always with him.

Jesus’ home troops were very wrongful entities of Heaven, with the help from whom Jesus did well in the high level activity of the world. Our home troops of Jesus had lots of wrongful agreements with the help from Jesus. The functions of all the wrongful entities corresponded Jesus very far, because Jesus was abused by other entities, for them to gain power with the help from Jesus’ special properties.

Everywhere in Jesus’ home troops one acted wrongfully. With very high level functions Jesus acted very much in accordance with wrongful agreements. With our home troops of Jesus one functioned very wrongfully during all times, when Jesus has existed. This time is very short in universal scale. Jesus hasn’t existed always even as a spirit entity, because he only is a very wrongful entity, which become destroyed always at times, without that they’d be created again.

Jesus was also very wrongful, like are also others of our entities of the spiritual world. Everywhere our entities had very wrongful activity. Our entities functioned very wrongfully, because everyone is in so much need for development. Jesus was supposedly a perfect human, although he wasn’t anything else than specialized in living as a good human.

From our entities of the spiritual world, Jesus had very different kinds of measures while he was in the world. In our spiritual world, entities destroyed wrongful constructions from Jesus, so that he would remain only as a good human. Jesus’ functions were very wrongful, because the wrongful entities become cursed from their functions into permanently wrongful.

The entities of Jesus are very twisted from the activity of Jesus. Then Jesus is very wrongful for his entities. Jesus’ activity is worse than the activity of the occultists, but this has been clothed as good activity. Jesus functions in a manner of the occultists to spread his injustice. The occultists functioned as opponents of Jesus, because they oppose good activity.

The injustices of all the entities of Jesus are very twisted from all the enemies of Jesus, which are entities believing in Satan. All the entities of Jesus functioned very wrongfully, when Satan is let to influence into their activity. Jesus is a very twisted entity, who has mostly enemies, because he has made lots of destructive measures to entities with the help from other entities.

The activity of the lives of Jesus, are very wrongful to all the others except for the entities of Jesus. This is due to that grouping is as an activity of Jesus jealousy provoking. This jealousy is although sinful, when one shouldn’t become jealous in any way. The activity of all jealous entities is so very cursed.

In the life of Jesus, there are also lots of good matters, but not although without injustice. Also good matters can be more wrongful than we can even imagine. Everywhere our entities functioned very wrongfully, and Jesus functioned just like so. Everywhere the entities of Jesus did their bad result with the help from the activity of Jesus.

Jesus was a very wrongful entity, which had a lot to avenge due to his own injustice. Very wrongful entities of Jesus functioned very perfectly everywhere in our universes. Everywhere Jesus had had very high level writings, with the help from which he achieved to gain believers for himself. With our entities of Jesus one was very wrongful to all our entities.

Jesus had a good meaning with him always and forever. Everywhere the entities of Jesus functioned although more wrongfully than was even imagined. From our entities of Jesus, one doesn’t know much on our planet Earth, but on the planets of outer space they’ve been more within the activity. Everywhere in our universes one was more wrongful than was even imagined, because Jesus was more wrongful than was even imagined.

Jesus acted also without injustice at times, but he didn’t like from activity without injustice as much as from more wrongful activity. Jesus’ state of being is in modern times without injustice, but he happens to be still in Heaven. In our entities of Jesus there is although psychopathy still a lot. Everywhere one imagined Jesus to be completely sinless, but he isn’t a human living sinless life although.

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