The return of Jesus on to planet Earth is very secret information, because everywhere there was so much good matters while acting in accordance with Jesus. Jesus acts also on this day in the spiritual world, where he has very similar circumstances with planet Earth, so that he could act as acquainted into the matters of planet Earth in later times. Everywhere there were very many entities of Jesus, who were very special. Jesus has still matters to tell to the inhabitants of planet Earth, because he is in the minds of the believers in very great meaning.

Jesus had good friends, who were as Apostles. Their life of modern times was very wrongful most often, and had nothing connected to religion. Such humans are more wrongful than other humans. As comrades of Jesus they had lots of tasks religiously. Such work requires very great thought capacity, which others don’t have except occult meaningful human spirits. Occult meaningful humans had very great influencing possibilities. Occult meaningful humans were the most horrific in earlier times. Then their lives are in modern times slightly cursed into problems, like also the life of the Creator.

Jesus comes onto the Earth as long as everyone is in their better lives. Better lives are born as the understanding grows in the consciousness. In the consciousness of humans there is such an inhibition, that understanding doesn’t ever grow from the part of wrongdoing, but injustice reduces the understanding in brain functions. With the help from Jesus we can increase our understanding in our brainfcuntions, when we do only good matters, and won’t act more wrongfully than is mandatory. This compulsion is in the Creator’s systems very great, that always one has to do injustice when one hasn’t found a real solution into matters. Our wrongdoers are very far reachingly with in the wrongdoing, when they abuse the ignorance of humans into their wrongdoing. Then the right minded should rise up to oppose the wrongdoers, so that all doesn’t fall into the greatest injustice even.

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