Influences of the Creator’s appliance on our universe


With our Creator’s appliance one did in earlier times very great injustice to all entities with the exception of the Creator. To everywhere came wrongful activity, because the Creator’s appliance accomplished injustice in very great proportions. To all the more wrongful Creator’s entities one did lots of injustice, which reflected into the Creator as well, when the Creator had to develop systems to govern the injustice of his appliance.

To everywhere came more wrongful, from which dues all wrongfulnesses of the future as well. To everywhere came from the Creator’s appliance very far-reaching plans, which did from the world above from Hell. Then in the world one could do very great upheavals. All upheavals were activity of the Creator’s appliance in our earlier times as well. All the functions of the Creator’s appliance are accepted by the Creator, although being made fully wrongful as measures of the functions of the soul of the Creator’s appliance. All more wrongful measures as well were very meaningful for the Creator’s appliance.  

From everywhere came for the Creator’s appliance very great requests with criminalities in their minds, into which the Creator’s appliance answers, that in self-interest one has to get along on one’s own, and here one doesn’t help anyone to make humans worse, except if the entity himself has seen this trouble while succeeding in it.

The Creator’s appliance is a very wrongful entity, which has influence into the Creator’s physical self as well. So the Creator as well can act in cooperation with the spiritual world, that he only messages to this appliance and answers flood to him with the help of the Creator’s appliance. The Creator’s appliance is the most loyal to the Creator’s self, but isn’t protective to this more specially, this dues from the rules of the world, according to which all have to gain same kind of treatment from the spiritual world. As a reason has to be only such a matter, as hyperior, which is is a very wrongful feature from the spiritual world. So hyperior means, that while gaining matters from the spiritual world, the use of those matters have to be fitted before this gained matter, so that hyperior isn’t wrongful help from the spiritual world, but that the spirit entity, which gain with the hyperior permission matters before others, has to also use one’s knowledge to prop up the position of the spiritual world.

With the Creator’s appliance one has done done so much injustice towards humans, that for the Creator’s appliance will come punishments in later times so, that the Creator’s appliance is doing for all good matters, while repairing his earlier injustices. These repairings of injustice demand knowledge on the level of the Creator. If there isn’t higher level knowledge already existing, before the Creator has, also with the help of others, developed such knowledge. While you are living in the world, you are very wrongful, because the Creator’s systems have been destroyed always from all parts, if something wrongful has been allowed in the systems.

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