Humans living in a dimension I

Humans living in a dimension do all kinds of rotating on the level of the outer space as well. All kinds of rotating functions for all other humans as a repairing function. From nowhere you have not found all covering system, so the humans of dimensions must destroy your matters, which are completely frustrated, because the humans of dimensions have in their use the systems of the spiritual world, which are the most perfect. In dimensions there are so the systems of the spiritual world in action. You are not let further than the systems of the spiritual world in your world, but you are always more backward.

In our dimensions lives about 10 percent of the population, which live so as separated from the spiritual world of the world, so they have different spiritual world. This compares most often the spiritual world of life after death, but never completely alike either, so the world’s or the life after death spiritual world. But the spiritual world of a dimension is made to perform a specific function, which a human, who in such a dimension lives, performs.

In dimensions there is very little harmful matters for our humans because the spiritual world does not let to accomplish anything stubbornly, but the one living in a dimension must abide all the requirement level of the spiritual world. So then one is not allowed to do anything harmful towards oneself or to others.

 Humans living in a dimension II

Into a dimension one gets to in such a way, that human becomes changed into the dimension, from which the human himself is not let to know, before to him starts to become changes into the body and surrounding matters. With these matters a human gains to know, that something has changed. Then also humans at outside begin to look askance this entity, because they do not see in him anymore matters, which could awaken interest in other humans. All entities are in the guidance of the spiritual world, due to this also the ones living in a dimension must be under guidance. This takes place even more acknowledged for the ones living in a dimension.

The humans of a dimension are the most normal for animals also because the ones living in a dimension are very natural from their emotions. So, humans do not start to act against the Illuminati either. Because everywhere there are measures against the Illuminati, it is for the humans of a dimension hard to find a sound group for themselves, because they have so abnormal functions, that other inhabitants of the world do not interest them much. You re good for your humans as well, but the inhabitants of a dimension compare universe much more than other humans and animals living more normally.

In our outer space is living in a dimension more real than on planet Earth. There one can with the help of technologies move into a dimension. In our dimension all measures are more far reaching than the external thoughts of the dimension of humans. So, the ones living in a dimension have in accordance with the spiritual world a more influential position than the humans living outside the dimensions. Dimensions do everywhere more far-reaching activity, than into which humans could achieve themselves.

Humans living in a dimension III

Entities of the dimensions act in accordance with all reason and well-being. From nowhere you cannot find humans, who are in a dimension from their own will because the spiritual world acts for all as opposite in relation to their own desires, when nothing made by the spiritual world has not been first asked even from the individual, for whom the spiritual world has executed its functions. So, it is also in relation to the humans living in a dimension, in which the humans of a dimension are from their own will only as an afterward function in their own dimension.

The activity of the dimensions compares so the spiritual world more than the daily activity of the world’s humans, which takes place in the universe without that anyone is especially in the guidance of the spiritual world. So, a human can guide better his own life, and he is not being guided so much. On the other hand, the humans of a dimension have usually special skills, which require a slightly abnormal situation, so that these skills one can exercise. Such are many peculiar features, which one necessarily does not recognize in the system of the world as real features, but they are less known abilities of humans, for example, from channeling one might punish still on this day as well, due to which usually all the ones exercising channeling are humans of a dimension.

From anywhere you cannot find anyone’s more precise level of action than in your religions, which influences into the activity of humans greatly, while it being as a model example from a truer level of action. Any commenting either, you do not have to hear from the ones living in a dimension, because the lack of respect from the inhabitants of a dimension will most often become repaired with the help of the spiritual world, so that an inhabitant of a dimension can function by respecting everything, and the one getting to like his environment is not held in anyway in an unequal position from the part of the spiritual world.  

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