Date: 14.9.2013

All the matters of humans are very differently during different ages. Different ages are very wrongful in the opinion of everyone, who has studied them. The meaning of action of all our entities is one of the truths of reality. In reality, the meaning of our entities is to live as a creator someday. This meaning is very great from its proportions, but it is very difficult to gain true knowledge from it, especially if no one who knows about it is spreading information about it.

The functions of all our entities are very wrongful, because the meaning of our entities is including very wrongful activity. None of our entities knows almost at all from the different ages on the level of the physical world. This is due to that no one wants to publish information from these kinds of matters, because such could have a bad influence in the present system on other human entities. Such is the reality of the world, although, that one has lived during very many ages with different kinds of systems, which have been in the course of time very different.

During different ages, our entities carried out very wrongful measures, so that no one would act well. Into the plans of any occultist even didn’t belong the very wrongful activity, with which the world rotates daily. The occultists live with the help from this injustice, but they aren’t able to create it by themselves more than what the spiritual world does matters into the world.

Humans during different ages have had very many minor problems, which have developed at times also into very great problems. Amongst humans there has been especially very wrongful activity as a result from wars and other problems.

Different ages have been very revolutionary to the world’s humans, like the matter is on this day as well. On our today one is in very difficult situation, in which there isn’t a certainty from how the future will function. Earlier, there wasn’t either certainty from the future due to many different reasons.

The spiritual world is for humans always more wrongful than was even imagined. So from the part of injustice we are much more under the influence of this spiritual world, when we do matters, which the spiritual world has informed us. So is an activity in accordance with the spiritual world sprung up, which is although the best activity.

The functions of all our entities of the spiritual world are very harmful at times, when humans have become influenced by very wrongful entities of the spiritual world to do in accordance with their instructions. This has been also told historically when different wars have started requested by the spiritual world.

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