Date: 12.10.2013

The future of planet Earth will be catastrophic, although it wasn’t, because nowhere in the functions of our entities exists a so great curse, that all the inhabitants of planet Earth should be punished with a punishment of the Creator. This is a good matter for your planet Earth, because no one is allowed to be wrongful on our planet Earth, or otherwise the planet Earth will experience catastrophes, like has been also at the time of earlier civilizations.

No one on your planet Earth is so wrongful like was in earlier times. So you’ll avoid from catastrophes while being good to each other and also bad, but not although outrageous from your injustice. This is slightly vague information, how the future of planet Earth will be like, because we cannot know it of course, like nothing else can be known thoroughly actually even in our systems of the Creator. This kind of matter is very wrongful to write about, because injustice is within everything.

The future of planet Earth is including very wrongful activity, because no one on our planet Earth is very good. Such wrongful activity is so possible on our planet Earth. We do injustice continually in very meaningful matters as well, which is destroying of nature in modern times.

The future on our planet Earth will be very wrongful also for our fauna, because animals suffer from the Creator’s systems very much, while being treated on the level of an enemy by humans. These kinds of animals can live in human bodies at their older age as spirit entities, when humans become punished by the animals. This can mean a great war, which have been also earlier due to the sufferings of the animals.

This kind of revenging activity of the animals takes place always a bit later in greater scale, but in smaller scale, it is possible for the animals to revenge very fast as well on the one whom treated them wrong. All the problems of the animals are problems of humans as well, because animals are upholding the totality of the planet Earth, when no one should be allowed to harm, not even animals.

The features of the animals are infuriating in the opinion of some humans, when they want to sacrifice animals at its most wrongful, because a human doesn’t always last in his mind differences in thinking, which would be in addition to all thinking of, so to say, an entity’s less able from its functions. Then to the human generates a will to sacrifice this other entity.

These catastrophes in this writing are very possible to become true in some phase of the planet Earth’s future. All the humans of the planet Earth will experience smaller problems in our future, than what has been in our history, because humans have been able to get rid of already from completely absurd destruction activity from most of its part. Humans, although do still injustice, due to which they have to be punished in order to carry out justice. Finally, everything continues in a very long term on our planet Earth, and it isn’t to be seen that the development would end into some sort of complete destruction, but planet Earth will continue its development while humans will gain also restful moments, while the sorrows are today in slightly smaller proportion than how it has been in our recent history.

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