Date: 23.12.2013

Our future will be, also when thinking patiently, very great from the part of the groups of outer space. No one in our outer space is good to humans, because everywhere one acted wrongfully by the entities of outer space.

Everywhere in our future there are very bad views, when the action of our entities is very difficult from the part of future. Writing about all the functions of the future is very difficult, because the future has to be kept as secret information from the part of the spiritual world.

The action of all our entities of our future will so be very difficult, because one can’t make things better anywhere, which have vanished from the surface of the earth. So this means that we have already done final destruction work, when things can’t be retrieved back from the part of nature’s creatures, especially, when also the Creator takes wings and leaves away from among the humans of the planet Earth.

The future of all our entities seems like so, that all will suffer on our planet Earth from more cursed times again, because the cursed humans do much damage for our matters of the future. So we do continually matters, which influence into our future, and these influences aren’t always increasing advancement.

Because we are so wrongful in relation to our matters, one has to do here changes, which are very great from their proportions, so that everything would end from the humans on planet Earth. We are making changes with the help from the spiritual world into the systems of planet Earth, so that everywhere would be suffering due to shortage.

Shortage is given birth from that on planet Earth; there will be very difficult once the nature has become destroyed from some of its part. It cannot continue any longer, because otherwise, the planet Earth can’t give a living for humans almost at all any longer. We are slightly wrongfully anticipating the future, but anticipating is although for the better, even if matters were over anticipated to some extent. With anticipation, one achieves advancement, because no one can anticipate wrongfully, if one hasn’t exercised injustice with anticipation, which is slightly more difficult than what entities are usually capable of.

Nature is so becoming destroyed in very vast proportions, which makes the lives of humans more difficult in very great scale. All our entities should decrease their amount of injustice, so that no one would become cursed into shortage. So our entities function very reluctantly while decreasing injustice while leaving such matters undone, which would harm nature. It doesn’t take place often, but this would be the best way according to the spiritual world to decrease the shortage in our future.

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