Date: 5.8.2013

The healing of all the problems of the world isn’t wrongful activity. Healing is the best activity in the complete universe. All healing is in the systems of the Creator injustice decreasing. The healing activity of everyone does good work for the advancement of the world’s matters.

No one is perfect, but everyone is very similar in relation to others. Differences are found although as very great as well. Always at times humans have all matters well, but on the other hand always then as well, when all the matters are well, has some party suffered injustice from the one, whom had matters well in this way.

The healing of matters should be started from oneself, because no one is perfect, when the healing of matters requires, that human knows himself, when the human doesn’t do injustice unknowingly. Usually a human is slightly dumber than the Creator physically, because the Creator is the least wrongful also as a physical entity. This causes the Creator more work, because one demands so much advancing of matters from him, because as the least wrongful human, he has lots to do as a fulfiller of others’ requests.

Matters are being developed in the spiritual world very much to make things better. The healers of all the matters are slightly twisted individuals, because then it is a matter of belief, how one makes things better, although often this healing activity is also harmful in some way to humans, and one can’t so achieve healing in the Creator’s systems.

Matters are in the Creator’s systems very wrongful from most of their part. The injustices of all our entities will always become punished to repair their own functions. All our entities don’t want the world to be a better place for humans to live, but part has wrongful wishes to make the world’s functions worse, so that they could gain better victim emotions, so this might be healing for the mood, but harmful to almost everything else.

The activity of all our entities is very wrongful, when humans have to notice injustice in everything, if they want to heal the world. The activity of all our entities is breaking the world most often, but on the other hand, also breaking is advancing, because then one can build something new in place of the earlier. Breaking is although very difficult to gain to be advancing, because everyone doesn’t build new in place of the broken.

Everyone has to act wrongfully in our systems of the Creator, because everyone does work, which is wrongful to other entities, was this whatever. We can’t so ever get rid of our injustice, because without such a phenomenon, nothing could exist. Into everything connects so injustice. The functions of all the wrongful entities are very twisted from the depravity of the functions of the wrongful humans. This is very common, that humans have wrongful thoughts due to others’ injustice. Then the human is very far unknowing from his own matters, which is dangerous also for spirit entities.

Also the functions of all the wrongful entities are all comprehensively very twisted from other entities, so one should understand matters with one’s own thoughts, because the thoughts of everyone influence on the thoughts of others. Then matters worsen in the thoughts in vain, and so is also injustice given birth in vain. This kind of useless injustice is very common and ordinary, but everyone has still lots of possibilities to start to do some useful activity in accordance with the spiritual world. Because the spiritual world gives ideas to heal matters very often, when one might be worth grasping these proposals, if it can be noticed to be less wrongful than what one would invent to do for oneself to heal one’s matters.

Matters were healed with the help from the spiritual world very wrongfully, because everyone is so much in need of punishment. So is advancement still given birth, when humans are being punished from their injustice, but the matters of the humans still get destroyed often in such a situation, when everything has to be rebuilt. It would be so better to build things in addition to the earlier, which don’t function wrongfully. So humans would be relieved from worse punishments conducted by the spiritual world.

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