Date: 2.8.2013

In the age of the castle lords, one was very wrongful to entities. The castle lords were tormenting to their citizens; at times also good willing. The injustices of all the castle lords came true in accordance with the systems of earlier times. The castle lords were holier folk, whom did lots of travels on the level of the crusades.

The holy folk means that all the castle lords had a religion in their mind as very important. The religion was a pagan religion of heathen gods. All the functions of the age of the castle lords were very wrongful, although the injustices were very different than in modern times. All the earlier ages are very wrongful for our entities. The injustices came true in modern times by destroying the already deceased spirit entities.

Injustice is blossoming everywhere, but at the age of the castle lords one lived morally also like also on the level of the doctrines of the Holy Scriptures. All the doctrines should be very meaningful for humans, so that they could develop into a truer direction in their lives. By living in accordance with the doctrines everyone would do less injustice. All the doctrines are so very advancing, once they have been made for us to gain advancement. There are also harmful doctrines, but they are in the modern world to a lesser extent in power. The doctrines of all our Holy Scriptures are doctrines of the spiritual world, which one should be able to exercise as a human from one’s functions.

Our castle lords had lots of war action. All the wars were wrongful, but the castle lords gained wars to become started due to earlier times, when the entities earned punishments from their earlier and life at the time of theirs. War is greater from its proportions than the injustice during time of peace, but one does injustice also at the time of peace, which can be including very wrongful activity for the spiritual world, and thus the lightening up of a war is a punishment phenomenon placed by the spiritual world for the world’s humans.

War action for our castle lords was very small from its proportions when compared with the Middle Ages as well. Everywhere were occultists doing their wrongful work by sacrificing humans and animals, because the heathen religion permitted this. Humans didn’t know what was to come, because they were very much in their victim emotions. The systems of all the earlier times were very wrongful for humans, but this is a phenomenon taking place naturally to humans, that no one doesn’t in the end, care from the activity accepted by the system, although the activity would be very wrongful as well.

Natural activity is for humans: war action and being in victim emotions, because this is the heaviest for the Creator, and humans often want to strain the Creator with their own injustice. The functions of everyone are very different than the functions of the Creator. War action was so in the age of the castle lords very common. The proportions of everyone in the war action of the castle lords were activity accepted by the occultists. Armies were vast even in the modern scale, because one did at that time lots of food also by creating.

Into the war action connected the most wrongful activity. All our entities were very wrongful, when war action was more wrongful than was even imagined. The war functions of everyone were everywhere spreading. The war action in the age of the castle lords was very wrongful.

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