Date 4.6.2014

Before the ice age, we were wrongful to entities due to the Creator’s deal. All the more wrongful entities acted then as well among us. No one survived even with the Creator’s deal without problems, because on planet Earth, there was also the kingdom of Atlantis and other kingdoms, in which here was nothing good for anyone outside one’s own people.

Everywhere was very wrongful activity; the kingdom of Atlantis was a very wrongful stronger kingdom. There one sacrificed, before the ice age, very many animals and humans always at times. The kingdom of Atlantis was at times very wrongful for other nations. Wrongfully, the kingdom of Atlantis showed that it is a stronger kingdom by means of war against other kingdoms. No one recognizes the strength of Atlantis, because it was stronger than any other kingdom.

No one in Atlantis knew how the future functions in their thoughts. All the entities of Atlantis functioned by sacrificing and enslaving the inhabitants of other kingdoms also before the ice age. This kind of a system was very common during all the ages. With our religions, one has achieved to decrease this sacrificial function in modern times. Sacrificial functions are so wrongful, that from them one doesn’t easily get rid of once one has done those. So sacrificing is wrongful activity in very great proportions.

During all the ages, we have acted very wrongfully towards mankind. Such is activity accepted by the Creator, when not any entity has injustice with them to a lesser extent. No one of our entities is on the level of the Creator from their functions except creator entities.

In the age before the ice age we were like has been depicted in our fantasy stories. These are as our knowledge with the help from different kinds of stories among others. Stories are very perfect tools of the spiritual world. Also occultists know from these stories, which have been written as entertainment in our modern times. No one recognized the occult meaningful tales as well as the Creator, because the Creator knows what the occultists know as well.

No one is with the help from the events of earlier times better within life than in modern times. Everywhere there is activity accepted by the Creator, when everywhere there is very wrongful. The occult meaning of all our entities is to forge life into more twisted for their enemies. Such activity there is also in modern times in our Creator’s systems. The Creator’s systems were destroyed in modern times from most of their part.

The functions of all earlier lives are very meaningful. Such earlier lives have lived entities on the level of the Creator eternally, but of course in different lengths, because part is younger folk, which aren’t quite as experienced as the entities on the level of the Creator at times are. The injustices of everyone functioned in earlier times in very great proportions.

Events and culture were before the last ice age very little within life due to sacrificial activity. This kind of natural life of humans together is very wrongful most often. That is why one can’t tell more about the culture, while it was so horrific. The events compared also other ages, when nothing is less in events during different ages. Then there has taken place matters very much as well.

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