Developing to become a creatorentity


Our creator entities have the best functions in relation to others. Our creator entities are spirit entities on the level of the Creator, from which will become in later times our entities alike the Creator as well. All creator entities do well all kinds of meaningful activity for all entities. Because creatorentities are the most meaningful entities of ours, we’ll do from them humans good for all as our humans as well. So our creatorentities have always meaningful activity as well. Because our creatorentities are exercising verily all kinds of activity, can they achieve very great performances in our wars as well. So they have very dangerous activity, like also other humans have, so we don’t pamper them almost at all, except that they usually act in your leadership.

Talking about creatorentities is ridiculous in the opinion of other humans, because they also know on the level of spirit, that such even more super than super entities there exists, and who fear punishments of other humans very much, which causes to them phenomenon of opposing injustice.

With our creatorentities one did lots of war activity as well in earlier times, but usually they, who are equipped with such souls, act so to say more on the side of the more righteous. So the Creator either didn’t gain from them his allies, because the Creator has to be almost always on the side of the more wrongful. Wars function almost in all activity by frightening humans, when the Creator as well has to frighten humans, so that they wouldn’t themselves fall into too great wrongfulnesses.

Our creatorentities have very mystical features, their activity is very high level also while living in the world as well. With our creator entities one was as all covering very wrongful for a very long time, until the Creator promises for them to come easier than you can even imagine.

All functions of our creator entities are perfected. With them one can do such work, which compares the functions of the Creator. All of our wrongful functions as well are very wrongful. From nowhere one finds so much activity than what the Creator has on our planet Earth as well. Because the Creator lives on our planet Earth has the Creator as known an interest into our creator entities, which he gathers as his acquaintanceships always in accordance with possibilities. So he can guide their activity with magic, so that it would compare the activity of the Creator as well better than without this guidance.

Because all entities were very wrongful, also creatorentities are wrongful. But this is very wrongful knowledge, so we don’t want to tell about all occult meaningful knowledge connecting to creatorentities , so that the plans of the spiritual world wouldn’t be known too well from the part of the creator entities either.

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