Our angels have lots to do with the Creator. Fallen angels are an exception from this. Fallen angels have a very hostile image from the Creator’s activity, when they strive to act against their purpose. As a purpose of angels is usually to bless all the repairings.

All fallen angels are very meaningful in relation to the activity of the Creator less than was even imagined. We are in the spiritual world slightly more cruel to the fallen angels than was even imagined, because angels as these kinds of harmful entities, aren’t able to accomplish themselves almost at all. But they are made small harm doers, who don’t have own consciousness for their activity. Such angels although are skilled as harmful entities, when all can go worse, if the fallen angels are let to influence onto matters.

All our angels are good to other entities, better than was even imagined. All angels have good social possibilities with the help from their spirit to act among humans. All angels had very far reaching thoughts. The activity of angels seemed very successful in earlier times as well. Then angels were very advancing to the world’s humans. All the Creator’s deals ended to this, because angels were very simple unlike it is thought. They aren’t capable to very great schemes, because their thinking is innocence. This kind of information was slightly revealing about our angels.

All the deals of the angels end to this, that angels have fallen, when the angel loses its soul to Satan, after which it is more difficult for the angels to act with the help from the own soul of the angel, which causes distortions on to the physical level of the angel. Then the angels become very difficult in relation to other entities, because they start to act more wrongfully, which brings everywhere wrongful matters on the level of angels. The activity of our angels is very far reaching very often.

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