Date: 1.7.2013

In the age of the castle lords, 300 000 years ago there was very wrongful life on our planet Earth. All the castle lords were very twisted from other castle lords, whom always fought with each other. Our castle lords had a very dismal operation environment to a lesser extent. They had lots of all kinds of small things, with which they did get along in a different way than how one did get along in modern times.

All the castle lords were in a very far-reaching manner within the activity on the level of the systems of earlier times. All the castle lords were very influential in relation to other entities. They had an autocracy system in their use, in which all the power was the castle lord’s. They were also spoken as castle lords at that time.

The injustices of all the entities were very great at the time of the castle lords. The Creator lived also on planet Earth at that time. Then one did injustice like also later and earlier. The age of the castle lords wasn’t although more occult meaningful than, for example, the Middle Ages. All the castle lords of the Middle Ages compared from their functions the functions of the age of the castle lords.

The functions of all the ages compare each other on a very high level due to that, humans and the surroundings are originally the same; most of these are the humans similar. Humans have always the same needs and abilities to do matters on a material level. The functions of all the ages don’t although always compare each other, but in larger proportions, humans are always similar.

Our castle lords 300 000 years ago had very wrongful activity as users of weapons. The castle lords were as users of weapons very wrongful to entities with their weapons on the level off earlier times. Weapons were made also with the Creator’s agreement, when weapons were received from the spiritual world at the time of the castle lords.

The occult meaningful humans have acted as castle lords in the age of the castle lords, because the occult meaningful humans receive positions in relation to other humans with the help from the spiritual world. Other humans receive ordinary lives, but this is less dangerous to the spirit entity than the lives of the occult meaningful humans lived in their positions.

The lives of all the occult meaningful humans in earlier times were very wrongful for small humans. This is due to the fierceness of the activity of the occult meaningful humans. At the time of the castle lords one acted very wrongfully everywhere on our planet Earth. The functions of all our entities have developed also at the time of the castle lords.

The castle lords lived so in our prehistoric era, from which there hasn’t remained any historical information for modern times when all has been destroyed with ice ages as well. Everything has although taken place on the level of the castle lords during this earlier era. All our entities are very wrongful according to our entities, because they have bitterness in relation to the activity of the castle lords. So humans are as jealous of humans, whom act in occult meaningful positions.

All our entities are from their meaning very wrongful to humans. Everywhere our entities are very wrongful to our humans beginning from earlier times. With our entities one acted at the time of the castle lords very wrongfully.

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