Past lives II
In our past lives you have lived in the world during very many ages. All past lives are very peculiar knowledge in modern times, because our researchers can’t even imagine how someone could have lived sometime in our history in a different body, with the same functions of the spirit.

Past lives are well understandable from that matter, where one is very aware from one’s own functions. Our activity is very wrongful for humans, who don’t know from their past lives. Such is very wrongful to read as well, because all don’t know even the reality of the existence of the past lives. Our past lives are very wrongful, when one should be very careful with them, that one doesn’t do same mistakes again in one’s present day life.

Real knowledge of past lives is a matter of the spiritual world, from which one gains information by channeling and by studying interesting historical knowledge on the level of the physical world. Such knowledge is wrongful most often. So that the past lives could be recognized, the human should make the Creator’s deals, in which the one isn’t hostile towards the Creator, which would prevent the research of past lives.

Because we are very wrongful on the level of the physical world, one can make in an occult way writings about the events from past lives in very great scale as well, in which one creates a complete world from earlier times, which brings a very great scale into the researching of past lives also from an already forgotten age. Such requires a very great scale in the activity taking place in the consciousness, when while writing in an occult way from earlier times, it is very meaningful to find some story from earlier times, from which one achieves a writing on the level of the Creator from lives of earlier times.

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