Message from the Watchers from the spiritual world I


Once in earlier times, we were as all covering your wrongful Gods, from which ensued chaotical world order. One was slightly more wrongful than into which your deeds can achieve even. God’s sons accomplished all possible teaching for the humans of the world. From these times has much time passed, but while we are acting for the advancement of the well-being of all, we live as slightly more hidden in these days as well comfortably in your modern systems. From us one does not gain more knowledge than this, because we are on the level of the creator entities, and from their activity one does not tell anywhere almost anything, while this being for the humans of the world too wide scale matters. Nothing you are able to accomplish than wrongdoings on the level of earlier times, from which we have separated for ourselves only a small part. Because we cannot speak more at this time, is our reputation to be purified also from the part of the teachings of the religions. So, all ends not until in later times, except that spirit entities do not believe into this either, while they continue their lives in any case to the end, whenever there is an ending to come for each.

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